• printed-packaging-tape
    Promote Your Brand While Securing Your Packages
  • packing-tape
    Secure Your Packages with Confidence and Ease
  • Powder Detergent Box is corrugated detergent boxes for packing washing powders.
  • Paper butique bags is printed bags with twisted paper handle for your promotional and retail packaging.
  • SOS Bag Without Handle
    SOS Bag without Handle (SOS - Self Opening Sacks) also known as standalone bags used for takeaways, restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, coffee chains, flour packing bags, and other powders.
  • Sachet And Stick
    Sachet and Stick packs used for packing and preserving freshness of food and non-food products.
  • Ice Cream Cone Sleeves
    Ice cream cone sleeves ideal for manufacturers of sugar cones, waffle cones, ice cream cones, and other frozen novelty desserts.
  • Frozen food boxes are suitable for a variety of frozen foods, such as pizzas and desserts, among others.
  • Poultry Bags are co-extruded film for packaging slaughtered poultry.
  • Glass Clear Thermoforming Barrier Films For Dates are bottom web thermoforming films, with or without top web peel lids, for wrapping and preserving dates and dried fruits.
  • Tray counter displays designed to sit on retail-store checkout counters and shelves, suitable for the dairy & ice cream industry.
  • Multifunctional carrier designed for promotions and delivery. Also used as lunchboxes, and are suitable as promotional boxes.
  • Counter Stand Display for the promotion of various products, whether packed in small boxes, bottled or in bags, pouches and sachets.
  • Chocolate Foil Wrap
    Chocolate Foil Wrap is aluminum foil films ideal for chocolate gift wrapping and preventing moisture and odors from getting into the chocolate.
  • Blister foil used to pack and protect chewing gum.
  • Soft and Hard Bouillon Cube Packaging is laminated paper aluminum wrap for packaging soft or hard bouillon in cube.