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Soil Disinfection Film

Soil disinfection film used for disinfecting the soil and prohibiting destruction of beneficial organisms.

Ground Cover Film

Ground cover film is used to limit soil pathogens contamination from one greenhouse to another through foot traffic.

Shade Net

Shade net reduces sunlight exposure and its intensity on the crops.

Mulch Film

Mulch Film recommended as an ecological way to regulate and balance soil temperature.

Low Tunnel Film

Low tunnel film protects crops from extreme temperatures and harmful effects on the plants.

Greenhouse Plastic

Greenhouse plastics are used for covering vegetables, roses, flowers, and fruits, as well as protecting them from external harsh climatic conditions.

Grapevine Cover Film

Grapevine Covrer Film is used for covering vineyards and for protecting grapevines against climatic conditions and promote precocity harvesting.

Water Tube

Water tube polyethylene film is a cost-effective irrigation method used in an open-door wide range of cultivation crops.


Geomembrane or water membrane used as pond liners for potable water, wastewater collection, fish and frog farming, or any other aquatic and landscape purpose.

Silage Cover

Silage Cover is used outdoors mainly to preserve silage, hay, and maize.

Hay Cover

Hay Cover protects straw and hay harvests from frost, rain, water condensation and contamination.

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