packing boxes

  • Powder Detergent Box is corrugated detergent boxes for packing washing powders.
  • Frozen food boxes are suitable for a variety of frozen foods, such as pizzas and desserts, among others.
  • Tray counter displays designed to sit on retail-store checkout counters and shelves, suitable for the dairy & ice cream industry.
  • Multifunctional carrier designed for promotions and delivery. Also used as lunchboxes, and are suitable as promotional boxes.
  • Counter Stand Display for the promotion of various products, whether packed in small boxes, bottled or in bags, pouches and sachets.
  • Pastry boxes ensuring product protection whilst in transit from the bakery to the consumer.
  • Ice Cream Cake Box is box for cakes, cookies and pastries. Box ensures the protection of the product during display, as well as during transport to the consumer.
  • Wrap Carry Cartons are used for packaging alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Wrap Around Cartons is used for packing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Promotional Boxes are designed to enhance brand impact and attract consumer attention.
  • Bottle carrier designed to offer consumer convenience during the transportation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage bottles from store to home.
  • Bag in box is designed for transporting and dispensing liquids such as juice, water, wine and beer.
  • Regular Slotted Container RSC is a classic box used for packaging, storage, transport or display a different types of produces.
  • Egg box is a solid cardboard box for packing eggs and displaying them on market shelves.
  • Display Box is used to promote products in markets, pharmacies and other selling places.